Sunday, June 17, 2012


Thought I'd share a bit from dad's email regarding my mom's MRI and CT scans, done this past week:

"Bottom line, there is no evidence of malignant tumors in her brain or internal organs.  However, he said that the lesions on her torso, front and back, most likely are cancerous but they were outside the parameters of the scans and are topical.  Also, there is a suspicious mass under what was the left breast and he ordered a biopsy which was done this afternoon. It is most likely cancerous but the type of cell and its nature are unknown until the biopsy is analyzed and the oncologists make their determinations.  The lesions on the torso become painful throughout the day and she needs topical pain ointment applied.  All that said, the fact that her internal organs and brain show no sign of tumors is a miracle in itself and gives us hope that she will be with us for a lot longer than the doctors led us to believe."

It is truly amazing to think of how long she has had cancer and how devastating it has been to her whole chest area, but that it hasn't spread to her bones, brain, organs, etc.  The doctor and nurse doing the biopsy were shocked to find that mom hadn't had a double mastectomy.  They'd never seen anyone with that kind of damage that was still alive.  In fact, we've heard that several times from doctors and nurses.

There was more info from the scans:
"Danielle does have some aging issues in the brain, including a vertical “dead” area between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  That may or may not be an issue but the consensus was that it was not.  She is slow in mental activities and memory and still moves slowly and needs a supporting arm to walk any distance.  She cannot sit long and becomes tired, needing naps morning and afternoon."

She said that her brain feels foggy all the time.  I wonder if that will come and go like so many of her other symptoms have, if it's a side-effect of her pain meds, or if it's the area in her brain that's "dead."

Her appetite is up a bit and she is enjoying her grandchildren's company.  My Aunt Michelle came to visit as well as Christian and his family.  My brother Erin just got into town to bring Ross to BYU and other kids to EFY and BYU camps.  Mom hates going to bed while her grandkids are still up playing "Great Dalmuti" or dodge ball.  She doesn't want to miss anything.  I don't blame her.

My mom's first grandchild (Lauren Ford - Nicole's oldest) got engaged recently and there's a darn good chance Mom will be around for the wedding in August.  The last part of my dad's email says:

"This is a tender mercy which has been extended to us for which we are grateful."  
Very grateful indeed!

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